Mural Design

Teesside University

In late 2021 Teesside University and the team from the Victoria Road building on campus approached Juiced with the concept of creating a series of mural designs to be placed in the main collaboration and communal area of the recently refurbished building. The brief was to create designs that are in keeping with the long standing histoy of the Victorian school building however have a bright and modern appeal that encourages creativity and creates an appealing place to be. The team spent a lot of time during this project undergoing extensive research, spending time in the Teesside Archieves and speaking to the team there to have a wide collection of assets to move the project forward. Juiced took these and the designs developed into what you can see today. We worked with local print company Symbol on this project to help make the digital work a physical reality.

Project Outcomes

Digital Research

Research of local history around the building was essential for this project.


We worked closely with Teesside University and Symbol to develop the foundations of this project.

Mural Design

To be visually engaging while having a historical context as the main creative outcome for the brief.