Brand Development & Merchandising

Radical Forge

Radical Forge is a rising star amongst the UK game development community as well as being a creative powerhouse as a place of creativity, innovation and adventure being home to game credits to household names such as Minecraft Dungeons, Rust: Console Edition as well as their cult hit, Bright Paw. Handling many projects across multiple platforms including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Oculus Quest, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Juiced began its journey with Radical Forge in late 2019 with Brand Development and since then we have had a consistent relationship with the team in creating merchandise designs, marketing materials and more.

Project Outcomes

Brand developed


Merch designs

Merch units

Full Brand Iconography

A logotype, icon, monogram and various stacks were developed to accommodate various uses.


he creation of both corporate and streetwear style clothing to publicly advertise the brand.

Marketing Materials

Banner designs for networking events and conferences to physically advertise the business.