Brand Development

Knock Out Depression

Knock Out Depression is a CIC company that is all about providing the tools of positive transformation with depression by using boxing as a medium. We were very lucky to be asked to help develop their brand into something that could stand out. We opted to approach this brand and message from a very different angle, focussing on building a positive experience and story that could be told with fun and welcoming mascot illustrations. This approach also leaned well into us wanting to launch the brand with a sticker based campaign, with all deliverables being built ready for sticker conversation and us now preparing a campaign that can potentially hit up to 250,000 (and even beyond) brand social impressions within the first 6 months. We love working with brands that have great causes and this cause is something our entire team supports and can get behind.

Project Outcomes

Full Brand Iconography

A logotype, icon, monogram and various stacks were developed to accommodate various uses.

Brand Guidelines

A how to guide on the Knock Out Depression brand and how it should be implemented.


Arrangement of branded merchandise for revenue and marketing

Mascot Illustration

To deliver the brand message we illustrated a selection of brand mascots.

Social Media Design

Social templates that can be used between social media and corporate documents.

Internal Design

We collected the brand ready for use with any internal documents for business development.