Brand Development

Greenlord Studios

“Developing success from the ground up”. Our long term friends in Greenlord Studios had the issue that their previous brand identity didn’t accurately portray them or their brand values as software development company. We were tasked with helping their brand step forward in a positive manner that would help the public identify with them as a professional and corporate identity. We stripped back what was already established, condensed down the brand mascot down into an easy to use icon and took a ‘less is more’ approach to developing this sleek and stylish brand. And despite the business being very much in the ‘corporate’ category, we still retained an element of fun and wit with the icon being a combination of a front facing turtle, a nod to their previous brand identity and a cog, a nod towards their space within software development.

Project Outcomes

Digital Advertisement

The creation of a collection of Google Ad layouts to advertise the game across chosen platforms.


Arrangement of branded merchandise for studio PR and marketing.

Brand Guidelines

A how to guide on the Greenlord Studios brand, as whole and how it should be implemented.