Album Artwork & Merchandising


Aleya are a modern metalcore band based in Manchester. Juiced were approached in early 2020 to produce the single artwork for their release “Man of Glass”. In which 3D illusration techniques were used to create a striking, bold and mysterous design that has quickly became our favourite piece of band artwork to date. Along with this Juiced also produced, merchandise designs, release posts for social media and a stream video. “Man of Glass” was released in late 2020 and got played on Kerrang! Fresh Blood.

Project Outcomes

Album Artwork

Album artwork and arrangement for the new single, ‘Man of Glass’.

Stream Videos

Animation design applied for a stream video for the single, ‘Man of Glass’.

 3D Illustration

Core ideation and illustration of album artwork asset(s) ready for use acrooss campaigns.

Social Media Design

Album artwork assets arranged for the social campaign for the single release.


Album artwork converted and arranged for commercial merchandising.


Planning and strategy to release social media design for the single release.